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Squint is a condition where both eyes are not aligned in the same direction. While one eye looks forward to focus, the other eye may look inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards. About 5 in 100 children aged 5 years have squint.

Popular misconceptions & blind beliefs that a child with squint brings prosperity to the family exists in out society. This prevents parents from taking their children for an eye check up. However children with squint, if not checked as early as 4 months might stop using the affected eye. This can cause vision loss in that eye which becomes permanent, if left untreated.

Squint can develop from birth mostly due to congenital conditions and sometimes can develop later in life. The causes can range from simple conditions like refractive error to serious neurological conditions like brain tumours. Hence any person developing squint later in life or having double vision should immediately consult an eye specialist.

If detected early, it is possible to treat squint with the help of glasses, orthoptic exercises, patch therapy and surgery in the remaining cases. Most of the squint cases can be corrected by surgery to make the eyes straight and if done early can help restore binocular vision. As squint is a treatable condition, it is very important to recognise this condition early in order to provide proper treatment and save vision.